TOSHIBA e-STUDIO 5018A Copier Machines
A3 monochrome MFP is designed to put a fast, efficient, secure MFP in the hands of small and medium workgroups. Not only it is high volume, it also produces high-quality types and images.
The Toshiba e-STUDIO 5018A photocopier is the best choice for businesses requiring high capacity printing and a variety of convenient solutions for office use.
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The e-STUDIO 5018A series is high performance monochrome MFP, as well as the hub of document workflow. Thanks to the newly developed system architecture, this series easily integrate with other system such as the cloud system, realizes improvement for your workflow.
Toshiba Universal Printer Driver enables printing on any Toshiba e-STUDIO device beyond 2nd generation e-BRIDGE with the same printer driver even when different e-STUDIO models are installed.
The Toshiba e-STUDIO 5018A copier is a high-end multifunction copier designed for businesses. One of the most important functions includes:
Pentru finantarea proiectelor IT&C prin inchirierea de echipamente hard si vanzarea in rate pentru licente soft (min 500 euro +TVA; maxim 50.000 euro + TVA), vezi detalii AICI !
In Control with the Greatest of Ease:
A new tiltable, touch swipe 9" colour panel works like a tablet or smartphone interface so you can find whatever you need by just swiping your finger.
Advance e-BRIDGE Technology:
Built on Linux®, this next-generation e-BRIDGE architecture features an Embedded Web Browser, a fast dual-core processor, 4GB RAM and a 320GB Self Encrypting Drive (SED) enabling the MFP to easily drive Toshiba's internally developed solutions or even third-party applications.
Double the Scan Speed:
A 300-sheet high-speed, high-capacity Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) produces up to 120 IPM simplx and 240 IPM duplex. A conventional RADF is available for less scan-intensive businesses.
Special Envelope Cassette:
Keep your envelopes firmly in place for accurate printing from start to finish with a new envelope cassette that holds 50 at a time.
Add What You Need, All at Once:
A 1,200-sheet capacity comes standard, but if you need more, just add 2 optional 550-sheet cassettes or a tandem LCF for 2,000 sheets (A4 only) for a total capacity of 3200 sheets.
High Volume, High Toner Yield:
The monthly copy volume reaches 150,000 and an equally impressive toner yield tops out at 43,900 at 5% coverage.
Multi-Station Print Solution:
Toshiba's internally developed Multi-Station Print Solution allows users to send print jobs from their desktop and retrieve them at any convenient MFP by simply swiping their badge and authenticating at that device.
Main  Technical Specifications:
• Copy System Indirect Electrostatic Photographic Method/OPC/LED Printing/Heat Roller Fusing
• Display 10.1” Colour WSVGA Touch Screen Tilting Display
• Copy Speed 50 cpm/ppm( A4)
• First Copy Out 4.3 Seconds
• Warm-Up Time Approx. 20 Seconds
• Copy Resolution 2,400 x 600 dpi with Smoothing
• Stack Feed Bypass 100 x 148 mm to A3, Envelope
• Multiple Copying Up to 999 Copies
• Paper Capacity Standard 1,200 Sheets/Max. 3,200 Sheets
• Original Feed Optional 300-Sheet DSDF or 100-Sheet RADF
• Scan Speed & Weights DSDF Scan: Up to 240 IPM Duplex, 120 IPM Simplex (Monochrome or Colour),Simplex: 35 -209 gsm, Duplex: 35 - 209 gsm, RADF Scan: Up to 73 IPM (Monochrome or Colour), Simplex: 35 - 157 gsm, Duplex: 50 - 157 gsm
• Max. Original Size A3
• Paper Feed Sizes Drawer 1: 550 Sheets-A5-R to A3, Drawer 2: 550 Sheets- A5-R to 320 x 460 mm,Stack Feed Bypass: 100 Sheets- 100 x 148 mm to 320 x 460 mm, 305 x 1,200 mm Banner, Opt. 550-Sheet Paper Feed Pedestal- A5-R to 320 x 460 mm, Opt. 550-Sheet Drawer for PFP- A5-R to 320 x 460 mm, Opt. Envelope Cassette for PFP-Approx. 60 Envelopes/550 Sheets, - 16K-R to A4-R, Opt. 2,000-Sheet Tandem LCF (Pedestal Type)-A4 Only
• Paper Weights Standard: 550 Sheets x 2- 60 - 256 gsm, Stack Feed Bypass: 100 Sheets- 52 - 256 gsm, Opt. 550-Sheet Paper Feed Pedestal- 60 - 256 gsm, Opt. 550 Sheets Drawer for PFP- 60 - 256 gsm, Opt. Envelope Cassette for PFP- 60 - 256 gsm, Opt. 2,000-Sheet Tandem LCF (Pedestal Type)- 64 - 105 gsm
• Duplex Standard Automatic Duplex Unit (60 - 256 gsm)
• Reproduction Ratio 25% to 400%
• Max Duty Cycle Max. 100K/120K/150K Month
• Weight Approx. 56.8 kg
• Approx. Dimensions 585mm (W) x 586mm (D) x 787mm (H)
• Toner Yield 43.9K @ 5%
• Power Source 220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 8 Amps
• Power Consumption Maximum 1.6kW (220-240V)
• CPU Intel Atom™ 1.33 GHz (Dual-Core)
• Memory eST2518A/3018A: 2GB, Max 4GB ,eST4518A: 4GB
• Hard Disk Drive 320GB Self-Encrypting Drive FIPS 140-2 Validated (Opt.
Copy & Print Standard Future:
• Resolution: 600 X 600 dpi / 600 x 600 dpi, 3,600 x 1,200 dpi (PS only)
• Speed: 45 pages per minute (A4)
• First capture: 3.6 seconds
• Number of copies at once: 999 maximum
• Zoom in - shrink: 25% to 400%
Scan Standard Future:
• Resolution: 100/150/200/300/400/600 dpi
• Scan speed: Scan with DSDF up to 240ppm for double page, 120ppm for single page, monochrome or color (35-209g / m2). Scan with RADF up to 73 ppm (monochrome or color). Single mode 35-157 g / m2, double page 50-157 g / m2.
• File format: TIFF, PDF, JPEG, XPS
• Scan mode: Full color, Auto color, Monochrome, Grayscale.
e-FILING Standard Future:
• Method of operation: Control from the screen or from the computer
• Number of boxes: 1 for normal, 200 boxes for individuals
• Box capacity: 100 folders on the box, 400 documents on the folder, 200 pages on a folder
• 400 copies of documents / files in a folder, 200 pages per document
• Copy to Box, Print to Box, Scan to Box
E-bridge Optional Future:
• Languages ??in: PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL6 (PCL XL), PS3, PDF, XPS, JPEG
• Duplex printing: Available in 60-256 g / m2
• Resolution: 600dpix600dpi (1 bit), 2400dpix600dpi (with Smoothing function), 1200dpix1200dpi (2 bit), 3600dpix1200 (with Smoothing function) with only PS3
• Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7,8,8,1,10, Windows Server2008 / R2, Windows Server 2012 / R2, Macintosh (MacOSx10.4,10.5,10.6,10.7,10.8,10.9,10.10,10.11) Unix, Linux .
• Network protocols: TCP / IP (IPv4, IPv6), NetBIOS over TCP / IP, IPX / SPX for Novell, Ether talk for Macintosh environments.
• Interface: RJ45 Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T), USB 2.0 (High-speed), 802.11b / g / n option, Wireless Lan / Bluetooth.
•  Wireless device: Airprint, Mopria, e-Bridge Print & Capture application on IOS and Android (available on Apple App or Google Play)
• Device Management: Top Access, EFMS6.2 (e-BRIDGE Fleet Management)
• Account Control: 10,000 Users or 1,000 Part Codes
• Environmental standards: Energy Star (V2.0), EPEAT Gold, Blue Engel Mark, RoSH
• Certification: WHQL (Windows 7,8,8,1,10,2008 R2,2012,2012 R2), Novell, Citrix, SAP
Platen & Document Feeder Options:
• DSDF MR-4000-B
• RADF MR-3031-B
• Platen Cover KA-5005PC
Additional Paper Options:
• Paper Feed Pedestal KD-1058-B
• Drawer Module MY-1048-B
• Envelope Cassette Option MY-1049-B
• Large Capacity Feeder KD-1059A4-B
Finishing Options:
• Inner Finisher MJ-1042-B
• 50-Sheets Staple Finisher MJ-1109-B
• Saddle-Stitch Finisher MJ-1110-B
• Hole Punch Unit for MJ1042 MJ-6011
• Hole Punch Unit for MJ1109/MJ1110 MJ-6105
• Bridge Kit KN-5005
Job Separator:
• eS2008A/2508A/3008A MJ-5014
• eS3508A/4508A/5008A MJ-5015
Connectivity/Security Options:
• FAX Unit/2nd Line for FAX Unit GD-1370
• Accessory Tray GR-1330
• Panel 10-Key Option GR-1340
• Card Reader Holder GR-1320
• 4GB Memory Option GC-1410
• FIPS HDD Option GE-1230
• Data OverWrite Enabler GP-1070
• USB Hub GR-1310
• Meta Scan Enabler GS-1010
• IPsec Enabler GP-1080
• Unicode Font Enabler GS-1007
• Embedded OCR Enabler
• Single License GS-1080
• Five Licenses GS-1085
• Multi-Station Print Enabler
• Single License GS-1090
• Five Licenses GS-1095
• SharePoint® Connector GB-1440
• Exchange Connector GB-1450
• Google Docs™ Connector GB-1540
• Monotype Font Option GB-2050
Miscellaneous Options:
• Stand  Accessible Arm KK-2560
• Work Tray KK-5005
• Harness Kit for Coin Controller GQ-1280
• Manual Pocket KK- 5008


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